20 Feb 2017

Beautiful People #22 Couples Edition

I haven't done one of these in so long. I've missed them, makes bringing a character to life so much easier.

So as always this is a link-up hosted by Cait the ever fabulous, and the too pure for this world Sky 

 Couples, love, and romance are my kryptonite, so go easy on me. I thought since he is being an arrogant cow I would bring William back, I am still plodding along with his and Belle's story. So I though this might give me a boost.

1. How and why did they meet?

God knows, um sorry I will let them answer.

Belle- It's kinda a long story, 'he' held my father hostage for the price of a daughter. All for picking a rose, and he actually didn't ask for me it was my sister-

William- Sounds bloody poetic, but that sums it up nicely.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

William- *smirking* She was filthy and decidedly not blonde.

Belle- Disgust, annoyance, and he was a drama queen.

William - Darling, you forgot charming and devilishly handsome.

 Belle- Decidedly not.

3. How would they prove their love for each other?

*Pointed looks exchanged*

William- Well that is... I mean I think you simply putting up with me counts

Belle- Agreed

William- I am terrible at showing, umm

Belle- You did give me a library 

William- That's right

4. What would be an ideal date?

Belle- It would be nice to go somewhere other than the castle.

William- You mean places with people, dreadful.

5. Is there anything they emphatically disagree on?

Belle- *snorts*

William- Of course not! She just has her morals, she hates that I drink, certain words, and my constant attempts to demoralize her. Mostly the drinking

*takes a drink*

Belle- As you can see it bothers him so much. 

6. List 5 "food quirks"they know about each other.


. She has an  insatiable sweet tooth 
. Addicted to tea
. Likes proper meals
. Reads at the table, which isn't proper
. Is incompetent in the kitchen


. Forgets to eat sometimes(how?)
. Prefers whiskey to everything
. Is impossible to get to eat a proper meal
. Is a better cook
. Gets frustrated by my lack of culinary knowledge 

7. What is one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

William- Despite appearances, she is fierce and one of the strongest people I know.

Belle- He isn't a monster

8. What's one thing that they kept a secret from each other?

William- Well if we're telling you it really can't be much of a secret.

Belle- Exactly

William- We tell each other everything, right dearest

Belle- Of course

*Both fidget awkwardly and avoid eye contact*

9. How would their lives be different without each other?

Belle- I would have been forced to marry some arrogant pig, who thought he was God's gift to the world. O' wait.


William- *Looking contrite* She doesn't mean it. Well I would be cursed, bloody depressed, but I would still have my looks.

Belle- * laughing* So humble, love.

10. Where do they see this  relationship going?

 William- It's gone or is going, I don't understand the question

Belle *twisting an elegant, gold band on her finger* Definitely gone.



14 Feb 2017

All the Things

I honestly don't even know how to write a post anymore, it's been so long. I have so many possible topics and stories I could do. Posts that will be coming,

A Beautiful People ( Because my characters are feeling neglected)

My Day in Storybook (Because it was one of my coolest birthday presents, and I finally have the photos on my computer)

A few book reviews, on the other blog that I forgot existed ( I read some really good ones this month)

Random Photo shoots (Because I have begun editing my files upon files of photos)

A review of Series of Unfortunate Events ( The Netflix show, it was fabulous)

Sherlock, something about Sherlock ( still feeling emotionally unstable thanks to the last episode)

Maybe some sketch dumps, because I have been trying to do a picture a day. I have also been trying to do that with books it's been fun.

Probably some posts about the horror that is living on your own in a frozen wasteland.

Just thought I would let you guys know that I am still around, and I will be writing somewhat irregularly again, because I finally got  wi fi on my phone. It took a month of phone calls, incompatible sim cards, and a hour drive through a snowstorm.

Until next time.

19 Dec 2016

Yet Another Update

     I have been meaning to write a post for a long time now. I have been busier than I have ever been in my life, these last months are a cloud of stress and exhaustion. Physically and Mentally I have been simply overwhelmed to the point where writing an email, or commenting on a blog post were too much. I think the only things I have been even slightly active on this month were Pinterest and Instagram, because of course.
      It's probably time to catch you guys up, I made some pretty big decisions last month. I feel like I say that every month. I digress, this time is the real deal. I have moved... again. This time is a little different, I have no security blanket, my younger cousin and I moved out together. My parents are going to cover the rent until we are on our feet, but it's my first time living in my own place, I have to budget, cook, and take care of the house. As well as keep an eye on two of my younger sisters.

      I am loving it so far, we live in the middle of nowhere. We can't even get Wi fi. So if you don't hear from me, it's because I am only able to use our hotspot at odd hours. We are having water issues, and it's in the negatives in regards to weather. Despite all that, I think this is a chance for me to push myself out of my comfort zone.
       I have to get my license, whether I feel like it or not. I have to go shopping, even though my introverted self wants to stay in the house and avoid human contact forever. I have to deal with things, like stuck cars, appointments, and bills. These are all good things, one of biggest complaints last year was that I wasn't independent.
       I also had no way of changing it, because taking that first step always terrified me. I had to get a literal push out the door. God has been teaching me so many things this month. I just hope this peace I have about everything lasts.

9 Nov 2016

An X-Files Photoshoot

I don't know if I post on here enough about it, but if you follow me on Pinterest. You probably know I am obsessed with X-Files which is an early nineties, sci-fi, drama. It is about two partners a believer and a skeptic. They solve cases involving anything strange or supernatural. It is equal parts cheesy, spooky, humorous, and dramatic. There are also some questionable fashion choices, shoulder pads, sweater vests. And Aliens did I mention Aliens!
Anyway, I fell in love with it, so I decided to do a small tribute to it, using two of my younger siblings.

2 Nov 2016


A Story

When life becomes too much, the act of living too suffocating. 
I would read, reading was my therapy. I like to think of myself as an escape artist.
I made the best of a terrible situation, by pretending it away.
Pretending, I was better and more than I am; being a dragon slayer or heroine in some story. 
Was a far cry better than the weak, unassuming floor mat I was back in reality. 
Somewhere along the line, words started meaning more to me than people.
Words didn't hurt or berate me, people did.
I got realities confused.
I became a story.
A jumble of words, that nobody ever bothered to read. 

14 Oct 2016

Fall things

I have actually been enjoying fall this year. If any of you noticed my slight absence that's why.
 I have been living life out there in the outer web.

Accurate example of my life right now.

I went apple picking, hiking, and did tons of baking. All to do with apples.

Apple pie, apple sauce, apple cider, and caramel apples. The caramel apples were really easy to make and really good.

3 Oct 2016

What You Don't See

I hate doing posts, before I have caught up on emails, blogs, and comments but I have had this one on my mind for awhile.

I was watching a youtube video by NerdWriter1  about Casey Niestat a talented video blogger. It was talking about the art of editing and how when it's done well you don't even notice that it's been done, it's seamless.

This applies to far more than just YouTube to me, it applies to the internet as a whole. It's something we all forget about, we take things at face value. The perfectly edited and shot pictures on Instagram, the cute planned and rewritten blog posts, that have been been made with the purpose of being seen.

I'm guilty of this myself, all the pictures I post on here are carefully selected and edited to be the best they can be. Yet for every good picture I take, there are at least fifty bad ones. We have all gotten so good at hiding the rough parts from the world, editing our lives to be aesthetically pleasing

Most of what we see on a daily basis is a snapshot at best. A heavily edited one at that, an almost  artificial version. It's incredibly hard to be genuine online and off. Especially in a society that praises perfection as unattainable and manufactured as it is. We buy it anyway, I know I do. I rate myself by it, and think that if I just raise the bar a little higher I will make it. The thing I am trying to reach doesn't exist. This self imposed perfection, is wasting my time and wreaking havoc on what was left of my self esteem.

There is beauty in our imperfections. We need to start embracing them.