20 Sep 2017

Healing and other Dilemas

I have been having a hard time doing real posts lately. By real, I mean something that isn't a tag or etc.

Things have been good, I've been good. I was worried for awhile that I wouldn't be able to say that without lying. I can say it now. I'm scared to jinx it, or that to admit it means I'm not allowed to have bad days anymore.

I'm still overwhelmed and drowning in half done projects, deadlines, and various other things.
I have been working hard at finishing at least some of the things.

Most pressing are the two contests I am entering.

The Roogle Wood Press one has hit a bit of a snag with me. I have established the world, the characters, and stakes. I have figured out my ending and the twist with the apple. I have gotten some mixed feedback, and now I'm not sure how to write it, I guess. While its cool to see different peoples reactions to different characters, I'm at a loss of what to correct. I will sort it out... eventually.

The other contest has a 5,000 word limit which is so few words. I'm not sure if I will be able to make anything cohesive. I'm going to try.

My friend and I decided we are going to sell our art at a trade show. I have never done something like it before, and I am super nervous. It's making me step up my productivity and art game. So it's already helping I guess.

I am drowning in unread books, beta reads, and books to review.

I like being busy though so it's a good thing I guess. I am also working towards my license again, hopefully it will work out this time.

That's what I'm running on these days hope, it's most likely misplaced. I feel like being optimistic lately.

I'm wearing a smile, and it's genuine. It's small things like that, that let me know I'm healing.

Everything is still a mess, but I'm feeling good. 


13 Sep 2017

Sunshine Blogger Tag

 I am terrible at actually doing tags, as anyone who has tagged me probably knows. I have been trying to actually do them now.

So the lovely Lisa tagged me for this. You should check out her blog.

On to the questions

1. What would be your second choice career (other than that of a writer)? Or if you aren't going to be a full-time author, what's your job choice?

I don't have any really good alternate job choices, because none of them will probably make me any money, but I would love to sell art or be a professional photographer.

I guess Starving Artist is my choice. 

 2. Out of all the people you personally know (not internet friends) who has been the most encouraging/enthusiastic about your writer's life and your works?

So many people come to mind, but one in particular has been there from the beginning of it all. 
The O.G herself.

She is one of the most talented people I know. 

We both met on the cusp of puberty, and obsessed over Bryan Davis and Wayne Thomas Batson's books.  We both drew and were writing our own stories. We read each other's first stories, an unbreakable bond was formed. She is my alpha reader, I run everything by her. 

 3. How would you want to die if you were to be killed by the villains of the fictional world you accidentally entered?

I will admit, quite a few villains come to mind. This was a hard decision to make.

Basically someone who is both fabulous and decidedly attractive. I have a lot of favorite villains so.

Is this from books, movies, or tv show. Because that would help narrow it down a bit. 

Loki comes to mind first. 

4. Who's your favorite animal character of all time? (Out of a book, friends, not a movie.)

 Thanks for clarifying with this one. Reepicheep!

5. Are you more excited about writing the dedication or the acknowledgements in your book?

I self published a book and already had to do this ( the regret)

Umm, I think I was more excited for the dedication.

6. In one sentence or phrase, describe your writers life motto - preferably using symbolism and and metaphors. It can also be your mission statement kind of thing.

Fake it till you make it!


7. Pick one song that best describes what you aspire to be.

I aspire to be Haley Williams.
8. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

The Bright eyes podcast by Aimee Meester is amazing  


 9. If you had to rename your blog, what would you call it?

A Wreck
 Ha ha. 
Seriously though.

 10. What would you want written on your tombstone? (Got this one from a biography where the girl said she wanted "She lived life to the fullest" written there. Something of the sort, friend.)

Nothing is written in stone

Just so that someone can laugh while walking past it.

11. You know you will die in one year. What do you want to do in that time?

My lists are way too long for just a year.

Finish all my projects.

Travel everywhere.

Meet the entire Dear Evan Hansen Cast.

Be a corpse on X -files, or a screaming extra.  

Change someone else's life.

Live every moment, leave nothing to chance

Swim in the sea, drink of the deep

Embrace the mystery of all I can be.

You know, simple things.

I seem to have run out of time, so if  you are interested please do this tag.


6 Sep 2017

Septemeber Footnotes

So once again it is time for a fabulous link-up  hosted by the ever clever Ashley and the world traveler Emily

The prompt for this month.

 A quotation that makes you laugh.

 I could say anything from a Diana Wynne Jones book, or most of the quotes from Raven Boys, but I feel like I am supposed to be more specific.

Practically everything Noah does is humorous.

Do this link- up, it's a blast!

30 Aug 2017

Twenty-Three Things

I will hopefully be blowing out my candles when everyone reads this post. Twenty-three years old, it hasn't sunk in yet of course. Except for the anvil, called adult responsibility that has been looming over my head since I hit twenty. I have dodged the bullet so far, but this year is probably when I should try to get it together,

I thought I would share twenty-three things I learned this year.

This song has been on repeat this whole year. 

1.  It's okay to not be okay (You don't have to pretend)

2. Something that's impossible for you, might be nothing to someone else. (remember that)

3. People's opinions really don't matter, and never will.

4. Don't squish yourself, the right people will like you as you are.

5. Wine is disgusting, any alcohol really. (stick to soda)

6. Loving the crap out of things is awesome. ( embrace the geek)

7. Rain and Tears are soothing.

8. Don't let anyone get you down.

9. Don't censor yourself (be kind, but say what you mean)

10. Meeting your heroes can be amazing! (Mitch Pileggi who plays Skinner on the X-files)

11. Sunlight can help a lot of things.

12. Don't be ashamed of the things that make you smile. (Buffy, Ed Sheeran's new album, Baby Driver, Parks and Rec, and musicals to name a few)

13. Be happy with the small things.

14. Family is everything.

 15. Coffee can turn a day around.

16. Sing show tunes in the shower (I rock Sincerely Me)

17. Twenty somethings don't know crap, we just pretend too.

18. Never grow up (Peter Pan has a great gig)

19. Friends can be forever.

20.  Sparklers are like stars.

21.  Take care of yourself.

22. Happiness is a choice.

23. You will be Found (This is an Evan Hansen reference)

 God and the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack got me through a lot this year, well mostly God.  It's getting better, I'm getting better. 

23 Aug 2017

Evil Writer Award

Well it's about bloody time.

I kid, I kid but honestly, I have never seen an award that suited me more.
I have a fairly dark sense of humor, I always seem to fall in love with villains and antiheroes alike.

There are rules, but in the honor of being evil you can look them up, because I won't be posting them here. The creator of the tag is Kate a very un evil name but I digress.

 The lovely Mary Katherine tagged me for this, you should check out her blog it's fantastic!

Now onto the questions, I suppose this will be a plethora of sass and gifs. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, feel free to skip.

How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you... feel any remorse about this? I'm concerned about you.

 Starting off with the hard ones are we. Not as many as you might think, in terms of developed characters one or two, though to be honest. The count has gone down quite a bit, I no longer do it for shock factor, only if it will benefit the story in some way.

As for real life if I told you that, I would have to kill you.

 Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal  torture like killing family, friends, and pets?

*shrug* Why not both.

Are you more like Loki who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or... give me a minute... Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his... fake head, whilst destroying the world. 

Didn't even have to think. On another note, I think Loki and I would make a perfect power couple.

What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?

He he, probably the time I cut off my main character's head out of pure spite. Threw the page at my mother, and told her he was dead.  She freaked out, until I told her I could simply rewrite it.

 What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semi-sweet, or dark. Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!

Since I have a terrible allergy to milk, dark chocolate is my poison of choice. It also pairs well with blood.

What is your villainous title?  You may not have "Evil Overlord" because that one is mine.

Too be honest naming oneself is a foux pas. If your good, the people will name you.

Which one of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?

Oh this is a hilarious question. I'm thinking Belle probably, and William if he was fairly drunk.

Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight like Moriarty? Give me details!

Like this!

or this!

There is no in between, though to be honest. My cape is a blanket and my eyeliner is always sharp enough to cut.

How do you react when you kill off a character who is dear to you? Do you laugh evilly out loud? Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? Do you go weep in the corner like you just lost your best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?

I laugh evilly of course.

If you had to chose a fictional character ( from books, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?

Okay so I'm actually going to get a bit deep with this one. I could just name any old villain, but I'm actually going to give one that I actually relate to on a much deeper level.  You won't really understand this unless you've seen her character arc in The Flash but  Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost is a perfect example, of what I would be like as a super villain.

I relate to her alot as a character, and it translates in my writing. I always write my villains with a sympathetic side, or a strong reason for their behavior. I try to humanize them a bit.

Do you believe in killing off main characters, or are they your smol precious babies whom you can't even fathom laying a hand (or a steel tipped ax) upon? (#whimpyevilwriter)

None of my characters are safe, if it works for the story and is needed I will do it. Plus three of my characters are technically undead anyway.

Have you ever chickened out of your evilness and tried to resurrect a fallen character whom you have already brutally murdered? Or do you–as they say–let the sleeping skeleton lie?

Like I said three are undead, I have a ghost, vampire, and a zombie. So is that a yes?

 When murdering a character, do you often describe it in cringe-worthy detail, or do you prefer to say “SPLAT! He’s dead”, and be done with it? (Bonus Question: have you ever actually said “SPLAT! He’s dead” in one of your writing projects?)

I would like to think it's not cringe worthy, but I do like to give some detail. Like I'm not afraid of writing about blood and such.

Ha ha I should!

I hope you all enjoyed  this I tag



and whoever else would like to do it.

16 Aug 2017

Wendy Darling: Seas

I need to start doing reviews, I am notorious for reading a book, then picking up another one with out missing a beat. Which would be fine, but when it is time to review them, I forget things, names, important plot points, and titles. I also lose a lot of the emotions good or bad, that I had towards each book.

Anyway onto the review. I read these out of order, which was not intentional. I had requested a whole bunch of books off of  Netgalley, I have learned since doing this. I am alot more selective now considering I had to read quite a few horrible books, and because I am a perfectionist I couldn't just leave them unfinished.

I found 'Wendy Darling- Seas' after reading a string of really awful, not even worth 2 stars books. I had no expectations, I was just trying to get through my ebooks.

I loved it! I have read an alarming amount of Peter Pan retellings this year, that and Beauty & the Beast were my obsession. Most of them were disappointing for one reason or another. A lot of them had a darker version of Pan and since OUAT's take on him. I was really loving it.

So I read 'Seas' not knowing it was a squeal to 'Stars'.

'Seas' starts with Wendy waking up on Hook's ship the Sudden Night. It's quite a ride from there. I finished 'Seas' in a day. I was completely entranced, I loved the slightly more mature take on it. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm supposed to be an adult. This wasn't the Disney version of Pan, there is violence, innuendo, attempted sexual assault and language. It wasn't graphic, at least to me. It was there, but it wasn't trying to be shocking or overdone. Colleen handled all of these topics really well.

Wendy is young lady, aboard a pirate ship of murderous cutthroats and the book was very plain about how this was not a very good idea. I think Hook sold this book for me, he was not at all what I was expecting. I have read books like this where Hook is the love interest, and to be honest I don't like it. Since Pan was maniacal and  evil, I thought that was the turn this book was taking.

I was relieved to find that Hook was not the least bit interested in Wendy. Right off, he tells her to give him a reason to keep her and her brother Micheal alive. She tells him that Peter Pan is in love with her, from there the two of them form a unlikely partnership to take down Pan.

I loved this. I like when two unlikely people join up, out of sheer need. It worked great, Wendy and Hook's scenes are the strongest in the book. I loved the character development, we through Wendy's eyes go from hating and despising this band of rogues, to them all becoming a strange family dynamic. (with the exception of Barnabas) who I hope the fish eat his flesh and his eyes.

The visuals were really good, the writing was crisp and clean. I really liked how Colleen developed the world. It came to life, the characters were all very unique and well developed.

In other words I would give this book five stars.

Oddly enough, my thoughts on the first and third book are completely different. That will be another post.


9 Aug 2017

Beautiful People # 27

Welcome back, it is once again time for my favorite link up thing. It's hosted by the lovable Cait and Sky

I had a perfect choice for this month, and it's...

(drum roll)

 Chayse, who I have had described as a fire dancer boy, thanks Maddie

He is from 'Falling Snow' which is my Snow White retelling for the Roogle Wood Press contest

Here is the link to the pinterest board for it  Falling Snow

For clarity's sake my version is set in a fantastical version of a 1940's ish circus.

This is Chayse, minus the nose ring but details.

1. What are you addicted to/can’t live without? 

My jacket, which is a well worn monstrosity and my cats.

His "cats" to clarify are tigers and lions.


2. Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about yourself.

This is a terrible question. I can't think of anything positive




 He has a lovely singing voice.

Shut up!

3. Are you holding onto something  you should get rid of?

My mother *cough* I mean bitterness.

4.  If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do you fall on the scale?

I really don't give a flying-

Well, that answers that. I would put that down as a one.

5.  What most frustrates you about the world you live in?

The hierarchy and misuse of power. 

6.   How would you dress for a night out? How would  you dress for a night in?

Like a hobo.

I happen to think it's nice.

He will wear his ratty, yet well made coat. Paired with his usual shirt, pants, and boots. He puts a lot of effort into his effortless look. As for going out his mother has made him wear all kinds of things, so something lavish. 

I am a man of many sides.


7.How many shoes do you own, and what kind?

One pair of falling apart boots.

One long lasting pair of boots.

8.  Do you  have any pets? What pet do you WISH you had?

My cats

His beasts, no normal person has those kind of pets. 

9. Is there something or someone that you resent? Why and what happened?

*cough* Mother and Prince Trillion, simply because he annoys me.

*cough* Mommy issues 

10.  What’s usually in your fridge or pantry?

He has an insatiable sweet tooth.

Sweets and raw meat


The meat is for the cats.


I spent almost two hours sorting through blonde models and actors. I had to sit there and look at wildly attractive dudes for this post. I hope you guys know the sacrifices I make for you.

Also if you read this and thought omigoodness I need this story in my life. You can beta it if you want, just tell me in the comments. So far I have sent off the first two chapters.