16 Aug 2017

Wendy Darling: Seas

I need to start doing reviews, I am notorious for reading a book, then picking up another one with out missing a beat. Which would be fine, but when it is time to review them, I forget things, names, important plot points, and titles. I also lose a lot of the emotions good or bad, that I had towards each book.

Anyway onto the review. I read these out of order, which was not intentional. I had requested a whole bunch of books off of  Netgalley, I have learned since doing this. I am alot more selective now considering I had to read quite a few horrible books, and because I am a perfectionist I couldn't just leave them unfinished.

I found 'Wendy Darling- Seas' after reading a string of really awful, not even worth 2 stars books. I had no expectations, I was just trying to get through my ebooks.

I loved it! I have read an alarming amount of Peter Pan retellings this year, that and Beauty & the Beast were my obsession. Most of them were disappointing for one reason or another. A lot of them had a darker version of Pan and since OUAT's take on him. I was really loving it.

So I read 'Seas' not knowing it was a squeal to 'Stars'.

'Seas' starts with Wendy waking up on Hook's ship the Sudden Night. It's quite a ride from there. I finished 'Seas' in a day. I was completely entranced, I loved the slightly more mature take on it. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm supposed to be an adult. This wasn't the Disney version of Pan, there is violence, innuendo, attempted sexual assault and language. It wasn't graphic, at least to me. It was there, but it wasn't trying to be shocking or overdone. Colleen handled all of these topics really well.

Wendy is young lady, aboard a pirate ship of murderous cutthroats and the book was very plain about how this was not a very good idea. I think Hook sold this book for me, he was not at all what I was expecting. I have read books like this where Hook is the love interest, and to be honest I don't like it. Since Pan was maniacal and  evil, I thought that was the turn this book was taking.

I was relieved to find that Hook was not the least bit interested in Wendy. Right off, he tells her to give him a reason to keep her and her brother Micheal alive. She tells him that Peter Pan is in love with her, from there the two of them form a unlikely partnership to take down Pan.

I loved this. I like when two unlikely people join up, out of sheer need. It worked great, Wendy and Hook's scenes are the strongest in the book. I loved the character development, we through Wendy's eyes go from hating and despising this band of rogues, to them all becoming a strange family dynamic. (with the exception of Barnabas) who I hope the fish eat his flesh and his eyes.

The visuals were really good, the writing was crisp and clean. I really liked how Colleen developed the world. It came to life, the characters were all very unique and well developed.

In other words I would give this book five stars.

Oddly enough, my thoughts on the first and third book are completely different. That will be another post.



  1. I don't know if I'd want to read a retelling of Peter Pan where Pan is evil. That would crush everything I know. I mean, didn't everyone want Wendy and Pan to be together?

    Sounds like you enjoyed this book, though. Were there explicit scenes of love? I don't like reading those.


    1. I do like the original and I have read quite a few where he isn't evil. I just think it's fun to twist the fairy tale up a bit.

      I did! There were no sex scenes, I'm not a fan of those either. There is attempted rape, but it's stopped before anything happens.

    2. Okay, maybe I'll check it out. A little twist couldn't hurt. Great job on the review! <3

    3. I am a fan of darker retellings. Violence and a bit of language don't really bother me. If that isn't really your cup of tea, I wouldn't recommend. If that doesn't deter you though, it's a good read.
      Thanks! <3

    4. I'm not much for language, but as long as it isn't too vulgar than I'm okay with it. I don't use those words in my life or writing, but some books are still good, even with that type of language. Its smut that I refuse to put up with.
      Violence doesn't bother me in books because its a little harder to picture. I guess my brain kind of shuts out the really bad stuff, lol.

    5. There are a few f-words I think, though now I'm not sure if that was the third book or not. I don't really use them either, but a lot of books seem to have it now a days.
      Ya there is no smut, just a lot of innuendos, the crew visit a brothel kind of thing.
      Well that's good because there is a lot it, it doesn't bother me either.

  2. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS! :O It sounds muchly intriguing! I'm a liiittle dubious of retellings of my beloved Peter Pan, but it can also be really fun. I mean, I LOVE Once Upon a Time's twist. Their Pan was spectacular. So that makes me more open-minded to a book like this. I may have to give it a try if I ever come across it!

    I'm curious to see your thoughts on the other books in the series!

    1. I hadn't either, and I was a bit surprised because it was really good. If you like Once's Pan I think you would like this. He is a bit darker then theirs, a little creepier.

      Sadly the other two didn't hold up as much, I will be posting that review soon.

  3. Ahhh I want to read this! I absolutely adore Peter Pan retellings and want to read them all basically, hehe. And I'd heard vaguely of this series but not checked it out further yet. I SHALL DO THAT.

    1. You should! I didn't like the rest of the series as much though. I think you would like this one! Me too, I have been reading as many as I can get my hands on.

      I would recommend!

  4. This sounds pretty good! I love evil Peter Pan. And after reading the original, it makes more sense to me to make him evil than good? Is that weird?

    I'm super bad about not doing reviews too! I'm always moaning to myself that I have nothing worthwhile to post, but then I forget that I finished a book recently. XD

    Great review!

    1. I love evil Pan too, I think it makes more sense too. Definitely not weird.

      I am trying to make myself do them, they are horrible to write if you wait as long as I do.


  5. I do the same, lol: finish one book, go right to the next, and then completely forget how I felt about the first one. :p That's actually the reason I started writing reviews, so I could remember what I thought about the books! Now, I also take notes as I read, so I can return to them when I write the review, just to make sure I don't lose anything between the reading and the reviewing. :)

    Speaking of, nice review! I didn't know there were so many Peter Pan retellings, but this one sounds quite well-written. Glad you found one to enjoy, amidst all the bad ones!