4 Oct 2017

Creepy Fall Reads

I am getting into the fall spirit. I have been drinking tons of tea, watching old nineties shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

It was rainy and foggy this morning and I got super excited.

It has begun.

My only grievance this fall, is that I am once again living in a little nowhere town. That is a billion miles from a Starbucks, so no pumpkin spice lattes for me. 

I am going to try to keep my next few posts in a fall theme. I thought I would recommend some creepy reads. I have only read one of these, but I they all seem to have a creepy elements.

Temptation (or rather the Solitary Tales)

Everyone needs to read this series. It's a creepy story told to the soundtrack of 80's music. It's marvelous. There is a hostile small town, cults, secret meetings, and underground tunnels. Oh, and these terrifying mannequin things. Can't really explain it, angst, faith, and questionable choices.

Queen of Hearts

Basically, anything Alice and you have me. It's about the Red Queen so I am sure some heads will roll. Also happens to be the same author who wrote that creepy Pan retelling, I liked 'Wendy Darling' so I am excited.

This Savage Song

This one is about monsters and music, and I have read great reviews for it. Should be good!

Hunting Prince Dracula

The sequel to Stalking Jack the Ripper, which was really good. A little feministic and I figured out who Jack was in chapter two. Stoked for this one, hopefully we get more Thomas Cresswell also Dracula.


I am in the throes of  writing my Sherlock retelling, so this one could be considered research practically. Also it is all about Moriarty so I am assuming some evil and murder will be happening.

 Wake The Hollow

I read this last fall I think, I got it from Netgalley and it was surprisingly good. Intense, creepy and an ode to the original Sleepy Hollow.   

 So basically I will be doing a lot of this.



  1. Ooh, these sound great. And hey, a little town far from starbucks sounds fine to me. Starbucks is overrated. ;)
    (Also I want to live in an even smaller town, so that sounds awesome to me.)
    Like, I want to live in a town where I can walk everywhere. I also want to live in a town where there is a sonic because I NEED slushies. :D

    1. I'm hoping they are as good as they sound. I like it alright, not sure I agree ;)
      It's pretty small, but it has a post office.
      I think Starbucks is to me what Sonic is to you XD

  2. OMG these sound so good. All the beautiful covers. But the thing is, I get scared VERY easily. And I'd probably not last one chapter into any spooky books lol!

    1. :D I have a bad habit of buying books based off of covers. Then maybe these wouldn't be the best books for you, I don't like Horror movies myself, I tend to stick to more thriller stuff. Books don't scare me.

  3. My town doesn't have a Starbucks either, so I'm right there with you. I usually just make my own coffee or go to McDonald's for all my caffeine needs. XD

    "Basically, anything Alice and you have me." <---LITERALLY ME. Now I want to get my hands on Queen of Hearts. o.o

    These all sound super intriguing! This Savage Song is one I've especially been curious about. I mean, come on, you can't go wrong with monsters and music.

    1. Someone understands! That's what I have been doing a lot, but even Mcdonald's is in another town.

      Yes, us Alice lovers must unite. I have been wanting this one forever.

      I know! It has a violin in it, I'm excited!

  4. Happy reading! I can't wait to try Hunting Prince Dracula. :)

    1. Thanks! I read the first chapter it's good!

  5. We have a number of Starbucks in town xD like the one some five minute drive from us? And the one right in the bookstore Chapters (dream workplace of any writer lol) but we do Tim Hortons a lot more? There's one of those like two minute drive from us xD

    I need to read more creepy books. Cannot remember the last time a book scared me.


    1. I used to live near a Starbucks, I miss it. Lucky! True, Chapters is awesome.
      Tim Hortons is great too, and cheaper.

      Yes you should, Me either.

  6. Oooh, I haven't read any of these, but they certainly seem to fit the creepy fall reads theme! I'm especially interested in Wake the Hollow and The Savage Song... do you plan to do reviews?

    Haha, I have a Starbucks around, but I don't get to it much. Almost exclusively, I make my own (or more accurately, my mother does). :)


    1. I think I will, I have been meaning to do a full review on Wake the Hollow. I might have to re-read it first.

      I went once in while, but now it will be almost never. Ooh, lucky I would love that.

  7. Aaaah so many spooky fall reads... I love scary books, but I also can't handle them too well. I get so paranoid that I just don't read them at night... Ever. Not a good idea! I do want to read some of these though, especially Wake the Hollow!!

    Great post :)

    1. He he, me too while as long as their not like full on horror novels. It's more fun that way!
      It was really good, I remember this one part had me freaking out, but it wasn't super scary or anything more like creepy.

  8. LOVE this photos!

    I've never heard of Temptation, but now I really, really want to read it. A book set to 80s music? Why hasn't someone thought of this sooner!?

    Also, I've that Moriarty book too. I've not read it yet. But I hope to soon-ish.

    Wake the Hollow sounds interesting too.

    1. Thanks!

      It's part of The Solitary Tales series,they are so good and creepy!

      I keep meaning too, but life always gets in the way.

      I really liked it, spooky but not scary.