28 Nov 2017

Falling Snow Snippets

I usually post way more snippets when I'm doing a contest. I have found myself strapped for time, but since I didn't have a post planned and I am working on the final chapter.I thought it would be fun to comb through the document for my favorite bits.

I snapped up, thick strands of black hair plastered to my face. I peeled them away and flipped around on the taut cords that formed the net. The speaker was standing in the shadows. I recognized his cocky stance and my initial panic quelled. It was just Chayse.  -Snow

It was an odd thing to say, but he was an odd boy. He dressed like a vagabond, even though his mother owned the circus. Clunky black boots, paired with an oversized and ratty, fur lined coat. A full collar cut around his sharp features.
He smiled crookedly, a Cheshire cat smile. That combined with his mess of tawny locks and flashing green eyes made him look almost vicious in the torchlight. - Snow

I glared at him, he knew he was playing with fire, but he was a boy who didn’t seem to burn. -Snow

Mother was beautiful, even I couldn’t dispute it. High, sharp cheekbones paired with vibrant, glowing skin. She only looked to be in her mid thirties which was a far cry from her true age. The price of it was more than I could stomach. It made her beauty grotesque, dead even. - Chayse

Her frosty eyes were clear as she took in her flawless complexion with a critical eye. She picked her way through her assortment of beauty products and jewelry.  The silver canisters caught the light, shimmering amongst the crystal perfume bottles. I always wanted to take a couple of the more valuable items to a local pawnshop; I would probably get a nice sum. -Chayse

She smiled and turned to me. “One cannot trust a charmer like you not to lie. I raised you to be far too good at it.”
I smirked; stretching out on the soft cushions. “Never.” I wondered if she could see the deception in my eyes. I wondered if she hated me, like I hated her.- Chayse

I shook out my hair and dried the ends with the towel, as I set about removing the half washed off makeup. The water was actually helpful for that.  There was a boudoir for this task, so in the dim light with a dirty mirror, I rubbed at the pools of black under my eyes.
“So there is a girl, underneath all that.” A voice spoke from behind me. It was unmistakably male.-Snow

I made a sad face; that wasn’t all that hard to express at that moment. The crowd laughed, enjoying the clumsy clown getting its comeuppance. I stalked off stage, miserable and dripping. - Snow

He seemed unbothered, “fortunately for you, I know the owner. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me taking a look around.”

He looked completely out of place in our dingy surroundings. An immaculately tailored suit, complete with shined shoes, he made an impression. The look on his face showed that he was well aware of it.- Snow

“Chayse, old boy.”  The cultured tone was mocking. He seemed to wear the word “haughty.” His suit was perfectly cut and probably made of silk woven by fae weavers.  He held a lit cigarette in his hand, and it was the only thing that seemed uncouth about him. He took a quick drag and seemed to take in my rumpled appearance. -Chayse

I pulled off my leather gloves with my teeth, and placed them in the ridiculous top hat. The costume was a glitzy atrocity that mother had made.  She had chosen red, circus colors, the color of blood. I hated it in all its garish glory. I shed it at the first opportunity. Mother liked her things to be presentable and shiny. I made a point to be anything else.- Chayse

It looked magical; it was magic and I was tired of it.  The cheap glamour to cover the broken bodies and blood spilled to create it. Mother cocking her head in a laugh, gold lips parted over too white of teeth. Her eyes lined to look like a cheetah’s, her gold painted lids a sharp contrast to the black. She looked fierce and ready to devour. - Chayse

So those were a bit random, and the fonts are all different. It's a mess, but so is my mental state. Also published this post early. Sorry about that.


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    1. But I was right, they're awesome!!! Oh my gosh, this is amazing. This is for that contest, right? Well, if it doesn't win, you definitely need to publish this yourself because this is art! Amazing job. <3

    2. Thanks Ivie! Yes, it's for the Roogle Wood Press Contest. Thank you so much!!!
      Made my day!

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    1. That is hilarious!

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  4. These all have such a nice tone to them... very well written. I'd like to see more of your novel :)

    1. Thank you so much! If you want to read it, I could email it to you.