7 Feb 2018

Liebster Award

I love getting tagged, but I am horrible at actually doing them.
Anyone else relate.

Also I never follow the rules or continue the tag. In short I am a horrible blogger.

D.J @ Silver Phoenix tagged me. She has a great blog, go check it out!

The Questions

1. If given the choice between playing a board game and a video game, which would you choose?
Video game every time. Growing up at the tail end of the nineties, that was a big pastime. Lately, I have been lost in the amazing game that is 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' 

2. Does the idea of a coastal beach or a cabin in snowy Montana sound more appealing to you? 

Since I already live in snow drenched Canada, the coastal beach sounds good. 

3. Are cats constantly devising a way to eat you?
Without a doubt, they are eviiillll!
  4. Writing or reading?
I want to say writing, but reading. I am always reading something.
5. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your villains, or be the villain of your hero?
Good one! I would like to be stuck in an elevator, it would be equal parts humorous and terrifying. Also some of them are attractive. They would either offer me a drink or kill me. 

Kill, they would definitely kill me.

6. What would you do if you woke up in your story world?
 Best question. It would depend on the world, I have a few. I will choose my most recent one 'Falling Snow' I would go to the circus, and enjoy the acts. Eat all the delicious food, like caramel apples. Give Chayse a hug, after watching his fire act. Give Snow some money and advice. Then probably run away with Cynfael...
7. How many times have you looked at a book and put it back on the shelf?
So many times, mostly because I am broke.
 8. Library or bookstore? 
Bookstore, we have some cute used ones. The nicer one has a Starbucks. 
9. When given the choice between Batman and Spiderman, who would you choose to save your main character?
This is hard, I love both. Probably Batman, because in order to save my MC he is going to have to kill someone. 

10. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
I love both! If I had to choose, probably Lotr. The books and movies are epic.
It's close though... I mean Star Wars has Han Solo and Kylo
11. What name would you give your blog in an alternate universe? 
Castles of Ink ( which might've been better)




  1. She asked such great questions! And you had such good answers! Your villains would most definitely kill you. I’d much rather be trapped with your antiheros, as they are attractive sass masters. I think I’d go to your beauty and the beast world (sorry, the title is escaping me). I loved the magic castle.

    1. I know right! Thanks! Agreed there is a lot of bad blood there. That is such a compliment :D I am so going to use that attractive sass masters, love that type of character. Really, William would be so pleased. (The title is Bleeding Roses, which is an awful title ;) )

  2. Those gifs and memes are hilarious and these are awesome questions and answers. Fun to read. :)


  3. I love these answers and the gifs, they're awesome! (except for the thing about cats. CATS ARE NOT EVIL.) XD

    1. Thanks! He he, as a proud owner of one. I have to disagree, at least mine is. XD

  4. Beautiful post, Skye! I greatly enjoyed reading it :)


  5. All these questions are too fun! And your answers are golden. XD

    BREATH OF THE WILD. Ooooh my goodness, I've been obsessing over that one! Except I feel the need to explore every. single. inch. of Hyrule and it's taking me aaaaaaaages to beat that thing. BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It may be my favorite Zelda game yet. Which is saying something, because I've been a Zelda geek since I was like...9! XD

    I'm trying to imagine you stuck in an elevator with your villains and...wow. That'd definitely be something! Eheh. And I laughed SO HARD at your answer to #6. "Then probably run away with Cynfael..." XDDD Oh, Skye. (But wouldn't we all? *cough*)

    1. I thought they were great questions too, and thanks! XD

      Its got you too! Me too, I want to see and do everything. I finally killed a Lynel and I am finally getting the Divine beasts. I'm having a blast, it's so massive! It might be my favorite too, heh me too! XD

      It's a scary thought. I was hoping someone would think it was funny. Well, he is rich. Who would pass that up... XD <3

  6. I used to LOVE playing Zelda!! The game I had (well, my brother had) was Skyward Sword, though. OH GOODNESS, THE NOSTALGIA IS REAL. :')

    Wow, Snapper had some great questions for you! I enjoyed reading this so much, Skye! (And I LOVE your blog, btw.) I think I might have chosen Spiderman... idk, Batman would probably be better, but... SPIDERMAN. <3 <3 <3

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Zelda games are the best! I still haven't beaten that one, but I have it. It is!

      She is definitely good at tags! Thanks, I'm so glad I will have to check yours out!
      It was a hard decision, especially because Tom Holland's Spiderman is hilarious.

  7. Oh dear, I would so die if I was stuck in the elevator with my antagonists... xD They are a terrifying bunch.

    This was a lot of fun to read, Skye, thanks for sharing your answers! <3

    1. Your antagonists are terrifying! I don't think you would survive, especially with Queen Ela.

      Glad you liked it, thanks for reading! <3

  8. That LoTR vs Star Wars question is nearly impossible!

  9. Man, i'm glad i'm not the only one who ships Reylo. None of my other friends understand me :D :D
    I love reading these tags!


    1. I was starting to think I was alone with that too. My sister ships them, so that's nice.

  10. I'M DYING TO PLAY BREATH OF THE WILD! *sobs because I don't have the gaming system * I've heard it's so amazing! I'm playing Majora's Mask right now, which is by far the most frustrating Legend of Zelda game ever. XD


    1. It's sooo good! Awe, I know the struggle. My brother's got me a Wii U for my birthday. That one is the worst, but I also like it because it's Zelda. Haven't beat that one yet!