2 May 2018

April Recap

Do I do recaps?
I guess I do now. At least my take on one.

So April went flying by, I'm still not sure how.

I saw Infinity War, don't have the picture to prove it. My sister and I wore matching Loki shirts, my Dad wore a Batman shirt. He thinks he is funny. Left before the end credit scene, now before everyone rolls their eyes at me. I think it's stupid to sit there for a five second scene you can find on youtube or a streaming site at home. I don't judge you if you do though.

I'm still processing it... all I have to say is those bastards.

I got my edits and revisions for Falling Snow, and it was a lot. It was hard to take at first. Anne has been so encouraging and helpful through it all. I think I will survive it. If you guys want a post that goes into more detail about my edits and just basically all that winning entailed, let me know.

I haven't done any more writing this month, Fool's Bet has been sitting at 5,000 words. So that has been depressing. Looking at everyone else's word counts has made me want to get back to it.

Reading has also been neglected. I only read three books in April.

Technically haven't finished the last one. I would rate them all four stars. I've been re reading The Raven Boys, but that is an ongoing thing.

I watched a lot of Parks and Recreation and drank way too much coffee and tea. 

 Art wise I've been falling behind too, I have three painting on the go. I've been trying to start an art journal with no success. I also keep wanting to do character sketches, life happens I guess.

I did mess around with some cover design. I had one I liked, but ended up not being able to afford it and my second book lost the circus element which kinda made the cover not work. So I decided to try and make my own. Thoughts? I think I prefer the black one.

Went on a short road trip with my mom to see my aunt and cousins. It was a nice break, lots of Starbucks and sing screaming Taylor Swift.

All in all it was a strange month. Not super busy, but still managed to get nothing accomplished 


  1. I'd love to see a post about what winning Rooglewood entails--I've been wondering that, honestly. So.

    I didn't stay for the end scene either...I looked it up to see what happened but SAME. WHY SIT THROUGH ALL THOSE CREDITS. WHY.

    1. Okay, cool I didn't want to make one, and have everybody hate it or something. :D

      I'm not alone, I always get such judgmental looks. EXACTLY!

  2. I saw Infinity War Sunday and I just...can't. *collapses* How are we going to survive a whole YEAR before part 2 comes out???? Also I actually LOVE staying through the credits to see the end scene. XD It's a good time to process everything I just saw and soak it all in before having to leave the theater. But I TOTALLY get people not wanting to sit through all that. It does take a while!

    I would love, love, loooove a post about everything you're doing to get your story ready for the anthology. Like Faith said, I've always been SUPER curious about the behind-the-scenes stuff for the winners.

    Oh my goodness, your cover for Fool's Bet is so FUN! I like the black one best myself. The burning cards though just EEP. I LOVE!

    I loved getting a recap post from you! I'd be all over you doing this frequently! :D

    I do hope your May is an amazing one! <3

    1. It's so emotional! I'm still just like, what???? I have no idea. To each his own I suppose. I just hate that some people think your not a true Marvel fan unless you stay, but you don't strike me as one of those people. :D

      Awesome, I wanted to do it, but I wanted to make sure people were interested. Should be a fun post!

      Thanks! Me too, it was fun to do! <333

      Really, I thought everyone would be like please don't... I actually like doing posts like these. :D

      Yours too! <3

  3. Don't worry, Skye, I didn't get much reading or writing done this month either....

    I haven't seen Infinity War yet, but your reaction is being echoed by practically everyone I know, so I'm a wee bit terrified right now....


    1. I'm not alone then. I'm a huge procrastinator, it's a problem.

      It's a lot! Be prepared for anything.

  4. I’m sure everyone would love to hear more about your edits. I’m so glad Anne was able to help you out.
    I love these covers, and the black is definitely my favorite.

    1. Thanks Maddie! Good luck with yours!

      Thanks, mine too!

  5. I saw Infinity War on Sunday. The only reason I stayed for the end credit scene was because I was frozen in my seat and couldn't get up. And yes, I echo your statement "Those bastards!"


    1. That makes sense, we went to a late show and my Dad likes to leave as soon as the credits roll.
      :D I'm still mad!

  6. I'd love a post about winning/editing/all that stuff. Just to know what it's like.

    And those covers look pretty cool! They almost look like playing cards, themselves. :) I really like it.

    Writing's been slow over here too. Everyone's winning Camp Nano and I'm sitting here with my notebook like "I wrote... three pages... in the past week!! that's good right??" xP Here's to May being an amazing writing month!


    1. Great, that will probably be my next post.

      Thanks! I was hoping someone would catch that little detail ;)

      That's how I feel, I will never understand how they all do it. XD
      Here's to hoping!

  7. I love the black version of the cover best, I think. It looks awesome!!!

    Hey, at least you were able to get more reading done than me!! I hardly touched books this past month.

    I hope your revisions go well. It's so awesome that you won!!

    Have a wonderful month!!

    1. :D I was hoping that would be the popular one. Thank you!!!

      One was a novella, and I read it in the car. I've had a hard time getting back to my books.

      They have been so far. :D Thanks again!

      You too!!!

  8. I agree with you on Infinity World. *sobs*

    I like the black version the best, they're so cool!!

    1. I can't believer that they did that.

      Thanks, Gray!

  9. I'd like to see a post about what winning meant; I'm sure there's a lot more to the process than we all think!

    Love the covers! But maybe you could sneak a touch of red into the black one, to create more contrast? :)

    Have a wonderful May! <3

    1. Awesome, I will try to make it my next one.

      Thank you! I might, every time I try it ends up looking bad.

      You too! <3

  10. Ooh, I haven't watched Infinity War, but I keep hearing stuff like this that scares me, lol. Hopefully, I'll see it soon!

    You've got these edits! I know you can work through them! :) Also, yes, if you want to do some posts about this process, I'd certainly enjoy reading!

    I think I like the dark cover too. Also, those books you've read look pretty good! Any reviews coming?

    You know, if you need time to rest after doing something so big (the contest), there's nothing wrong with that. Other things might need to lag just a little while you work on edits and give yourself some time to recuperate. If you actually need the time, don't be afraid to take it. :)


    1. Be prepared, it's emotional!

      Yes, I hope so. They are extensive. I will, kinda let you guys in on whats happening.

      That's the popular one so far. Possibly, if I find some time.

      I do need one, I'm just not sure when I should take it. Everything is manageable right now, but that is going to change soon. Thanks! :)

  11. I like the red cover. *shrugs* Hope you find your traction in May. It doesn't seem like your April was a total disaster. Some months are better than others, as I'm sure all of us know.

    1. The color probably makes is a bit more appealing. Me too! Not completely. True, May looks good so far.